Osaka Airport Guide to Osaka Kansai International Airport - KIX

Osaka Kansai Airport Parking

In Osaka Kansai Airport there are four different car parks, either for both short-term and long-term parking and also for disabled passengers too. 

See the following car parking options:

- Short-term: On either side of Kansai Airport Station there are a couple of multi-storey car parks, P1 and P2 connected to the Terminal 1 building by different walkaways, which leads to the third floor of the car parks and the second floor of the Terminal. Additionally, there are two more short-term car parking, P3 and P4. They are rather smaller and open-air at a short walk from the terminal. 

- Long-term: P1, P2, P3 and P4 car parks offers long-term parking options to passengers as well. The first two is undercover parking, while the second couple of parking is open-air facilities. 

- Disabled: On the third and four level of P1 and P2 car parks, there are parking spaces reserved to physically challenged passengers. Nearby these car parking spaces, there are lifts and walkaways connected to the main terminal. 

Terminal 2: Regarding Terminal 2 parking options, passengers should use parking lot P5, since is located in Terminal 2 facilities.