Osaka Airport Informational Guide to Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX) - Non Official

Kansai Airport Parking

Kansai Airport Parking consists of five different car parks, both for short-term and long-term parking and also for disabled passengers too. 

Short-term CAR PARKs

On either side of Kansai Airport Station there are a couple of multi-storey car parks, P1 and P2, connected to Terminal 1 building by different walkways which lead to the third floor of the car park and the second floor of the Terminal.

Additionally, there are two more short-term car parks, P3 and P4. They are rather smaller and open-air at a short walking distance from both terminals. 

Long-term Car Parks

P1, P2, P3 and P4 car parks offer long-term parking options to passengers as well. The first two are covered parking lots, while the second couple of car parks are open-air facilities. 

Terminal 2 Parking

Passengers will find parking 5. 


All fares are the same for the different car parks: 

- First 15 minutes: 100-110 yen.
- From 6 hours and 15 minutes to 24 hours: 2,620 yens. 
- Every 24 hours: 1,570 yens.

EV Charging areas

There are EV Charging locations on the different parkings at Osaka Airport.