Osaka Airport Guide to Osaka Kansai International Airport - KIX

Osaka Kansai Airport Terminals

Osaka Kansai International Airport is the main international airport serving the Osaka Prefecture. Do not get confused with Osaka Itami International Airport: Despite its name is just a regional and domestic airport.

It is the main hub of the following major airlines: All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and for the low-cost airline Peach.

Osaka Kansai Airport has two terminals and the Aeroplaza facilities. 

About the name: Osaka Kansai International Airport was named after the name of the region which Osaka is the designated city.

Transfer between terminals

Passengers can move between the Central Terminal and the two wings of Osaka Kansai Airport by the Wing Shuttle, a free and driverless line which connects the terminal building and the piers located along the two wings. These cars operate every 2 minutes.

On either wings, North Wing and South Wing, there is a Shuttle Station, a Midway Station and a Terminal Station, which connects with different boarding gates. 

Unfortunately, Terminal 2 is not directly connected to Terminal 1 nor Kansai Airport Station. Free shuttle buses are available to link both terminals and also railway and ferry stations. 

Additionally, you can walk between terminals through the KIX Sora Park, an adjacent park to Terminal 2. 


Terminal 1

Terminal 1 hosts either domestic and international flights. It is a four-level building with an energy system which takes advantage of the airflow thanks to the curvature of the ceiling.

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Terminal 2

Terminal 2 just hosts Peach low-cost carrier flights. The terminal building is specially designed to avoid extra costs. It isn’t directly connected to Terminal 1.

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Present and future

Several construction works are currently in process, like Terminal 2 extension and the construction of Terminal 3, adjacent to Terminal 2, for low-cost carriers. 



On levels 1 and 2 of the Aeroplaza, it is located the Nikko Kansai Hotel Airport, having also a restaurant on the 11th floor. You can get there within a short walk of 3 minutes from the Airport Station. 

You can also visit the Sky View, an observation hall and interesting museum about airplanes and airports from around the world. There are also an aviation-themed gift shop and a restaurant.